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TAVI with Flex Nav system

Recently our team has performed 21the first 10 procedures using the new delivery system  from Abbott vascular called Flex Nav. Visa is a step forward since this system is much thinner and hydrophilic and able to navigate through narrow and calcified arteries. This enables us to deliver the portico valve from a Abbott which is one of them contemporary used valves centers around the world.

It is quite common to use the TAVI technique for patients that have been operated in the past either for bypass operation or for Aortic Valve replacement. These bioprosthetic valves commonly degenerate after around 8 to 10 years and require replacement and usually these patients are high risk for open surgery. In this patient population we use TAVI as a valve-in-valve procedure, with high success rate and low-risk.

The procedure

TAVI Is a percutaneous procedure performed in the cardiac catheterization lab under light sedation without need for intubation and lasts  around 1-2 hours. Almost always our team utilizes cerebral protection devices (currently we use Sentinel from Boston Scientific which is FDA-approved device) and this practically eliminate the risk of stroke. Patients usually stay in the hospital between 2 and 3 days, are rapidly mobilized. The overall risk of the procedure is around 2 to 3% in keeping with the current Global standards.